5 Signs Your Everyday Wardrobe Needs an Update

5 Signs Your Everyday Wardrobe Needs an Update

Trends change each season, and it would be completely unreasonable to throw away your old clothes and buy everything from scratch whenever that happens. However, holding on to some old rags that are no longer fashionable or don’t fit anymore is not a smart idea either. If you are not sure if your wardrobe should stay or go, here are five hints that will tell you if it is time to throw it into the trash can and equip yourself with some new goodies.

Your clothes no longer fit

So, you’ve gained a few pounds? That happens to everyone. Or you’ve shredded a few? Good for you. Do you still keep clothing pieces that used to fit you in your closet? Well, newsflash: body weight fluctuates, and while there is a chance you will return to your old weight (especially if you are working on it), just think about how realistic that chance is. This especially goes if the majority of things in your closet are of the wrong fit. When there is just one pair of skinny jeans, you can see it as a challenge, but in the previous case it can be annoying or even depressing. If the clothes are still in good shape, you can sell them and use the money to renew your wardrobe.

Tears and wears

Take a good look at every piece of clothing you have. Do any of them look old and unwearable? Are your old sweaters fuzzy from wearing and washing them often? Are your jeans thin on the knees or the insides of your thighs? Are there any tiny holes in your t-shirts? Let’s face it, these things do not belong in anyone’s wardrobe, but in the trash can. Even if you have dear memories of some of these pieces, you are surely not going to wear them, so, say bye-bye to them…

You don’t wear these things, and you never will

Hey, remember your old prom dress? You’ve only worn it once and it looks perfectly new? But are you ever going to wear it today? Probably not. Surely there are plenty of other similar things in your wardrobe. Maybe you simply don’t see yourself in a mini skirt anymore or some piece is terribly outdated. You can try to sell these pieces on a garage sale or to a consignment store. If that doesn’t work, you can give them away to your friends or charity.

You are short on up-to-day things

Do you still go to the beach with your old sarong as a cover-up? Yes, sarongs are cool and convenient, but they are so yesterday’s news. Haven’t you heard that the kaftan is the new must have? And you should treat your summer wardrobe with one right away. Unflattering mommy jeans should be banished instantly and replaced with some of the figure-enhancing modern jeans, like straight leg, flared, etc. Also, while fashion trends tend to go around in circles, it is highly unlikely that neon ‘80s skirt will be popular again.

You don’t feel good in your skin anymore

How you dress has a lot to do with how you feel. And maybe that worn-out Mickey Mouse t-shirt is too tight for you or you just feel too old to wear it. If you don’t feel confident when you dress up and go outside, perhaps you should rethink your entire wardrobe and try to rediscover your style. Boho girl might have worked for you while you were young and wild, but maybe it is finally time to move on to casual elegance, or whatever makes you love your mirror.

Old, worn-out and out of vogue clothes shouldn’t have a place in any woman’s wardrobe. You deserve to update your style and feel good in your skin again.