6 Ways To Make Your Waist Look Smaller

Who doesn’t want a smaller waist? While the best way to get toned is by working out and eating healthy, there are certain ways that you can adopt to make your waistline appear small and envious. With a few tricks and ideas, you can have that hourglass figure which you always wanted.

So go ahead. Take your pick and see for yourself-

1.  Distracting The Audience

Take away the attention from the wrong areas and put it on the right ones. Give an impression of a fine waistline by flaunting the right way. You can wear some loud jewellery like earrings, necklaces. Wear a trendy head gear or an embellished pullover for a fancier look. This way the focus will not be on the waist.

2. Corsets

Another amazing way to make your waist look smaller is by wearing a corset. It highlights the right areas of your body. You can wear them with a white shirt, dresses, skirts, pants or even with a plain white shirt. You can even wear waist trainers under your clothes which clinches the side handles.

3. High Waist

High waisted bottoms are the best if you want to portray a smaller waist. Go for pants, shorts, denims, skirts and tuck in your tops in. This shows a flatter stomach and clinches you in the right spots. High waist is also very in and looks trendy. Slip in a pair of heels to make your legs look longer.

4. Wrap Dresses

A great tick to adopt to give an impression of a smaller waist is a by wearing a wrap dress. Get something which fits around your body perfectly and is of a lightweight knit print. A wrap dress can accentuate the small parts of your body. These dresses give a sensual V- neck. The perfect dress for an hourglass figure is a wrap dress with an A- line skirt.

5. Colour Blocked Dresses

These dresses distract the attention away from the waist and you get to show off your curves at the right spots. The ones with panels on the sides, especially in the colour black will be perfect. These are really fun to wear and flaunt!

6. Waistline Tricks

An embellished waistline will make your waist look slimmer as the attention will be focussed on the beauty of the waist and not its width. You can go for some thread work or glitter and flaunt your best outfit.

Your outfit can have some glitter, embroidery or embellishment on the waistline to give an impression of a slimmer waistline. This is a great trick to give an impression of a smaller waist.

Also try going for a dress which has a built in cinch waist. It gives an impression of vertical body lines and your frame looks smaller. The elastic present in the upper waist does the trick and makes sits perfectly on your body. There are dresses and jumpsuits available with cinched in waist.

Wear your outfit with confidence and look the best!