It is quite easy to exaggerate the styles that have been going on for a lot of years and has always been inspiring and magical. However, not all that is called as fashion isn’t fashionable at all. If you are someone who’s still in trauma for the worst fashion trends that have still existed throughout since 2000, you should take some rest now because those trends are coming to an end.

This blog talks about the 6 worst fashion trends of all times that you should abstain from and probably ask others also to stay away from. After all, it is a charity to save someone from looking a complete disaster that is not worthy at all.

1. Corsets

This has been quoted so many times, but women still manage to go back to Corsets time and again for we don’t know what. This is bone-breaking, body-aching and super tight clothing article that should have been banned years ago but has been in the industry since the 16th century. They were called as the stiffened undergarments back then and then the fancy version was renamed as Corsets.

Free yourself from the ‘ouch’ moments and invest in shapewear to show off those curves in statement Calvin Klein dresses or outfits from Prada.

2. Oversized bags

Would just someone tell me – Why? Like why does a woman need to carry an oversized bag?

Well, when I asked this question in person, people had to say that women consider them to their carry-all bags. Hence, an oversized bag for more items to be carried.

This trend needs to come to an end because that’s not cool at all. Why don’t you go for a tote bag or a bucket bag by Michael Kors or Coach? Having the luxury brands with you definitely, provide you benefits including a high fashion statement and durability that ensures you get to enjoy the bag more than you paid for it.

3. Printed tights or jeggings

You know how popular the Jegging trend is these days. You’d probably find them in every possible color or print. Gosh!! You need to stop that right away. Both tights and jeggings are supposed to keep the attention on the dress rather than the legs.

If the designers really think that painting a rainbow and adding geometrical prints to the tight would make them look stunning, they are seriously so wrong.

Solid colored tights from a brand like Dolce & Gabbana or a less popular name would be just fine because the fabric matters and the looks should take the attention to the right place where it should be i.e., the dress or the shirt or anything that you’re wearing as an upper.

4. Platform sneaker

Who on earth likes to wear Platform Sneakers? The love for the original sneakers is so pure and when you add another layer of platform heel to it, it is hard to understand the structure. 

Why would somebody want to ruin such an art (sneakers) and add heels to them? You can definitely wear them on Halloween with your costume, but spare the horror and choose platforms in sandals by Miu Miu, Fendi, and other popular brands.

5. Leisurewear or the tracksuits

How many people have you seen lately who wear tracksuits? They are absolutely vintage for sure. Those velvety fabrics and the bell-bottom legs, they are so overrated now.

The new hype in the industry is the athleisure. A combination of athletic+leisure wear= athleisure.

Try giving it a try. Big brands like Adidas, Nike and more have it.

6. Trucker Hats

The Trucker Hats had to be on the list (no matter being the last entry) as they are those hats meant for the heads but have some awkward slogans on them.

They look absolutely something truck drivers or hipster youngsters wear to look cool among their friends.

Please stay away from these fashion trends because more than good, they’ll do bad to you.

Author Bio: I’m Neha, a writer by choice and an introspective by nature. I’m not really a fashion connoisseur, but have been writing about the fashion industry, lifestyle, and relationship for quite some time. I have written content for many websites like Darveys.

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