Must Have Honeymoon Experiences

Once you’re done with the wedding – all the planning, never-ending lists, constant choices, and overall coordination, you’re probably looking forward to a great honeymoon. Some couples enjoy a relaxed, romantic honeymoon getaway. Some couples enjoy adventure, thrills, trails, scuba diving, and hiking as part of their relationship!

If you and your partner are part of the latter category, then Katie from has some words of advice. She says that it’s always important to remember that this is your first vacation as a married couple. You should choose and book a honeymoon that you both will love. If one of you likes hiking, while the other likes water sports, then find a holiday package that suits both your fascinations.

Let’s look at some honeymoon experiences that adventurous couples can enjoy:

Mountain Climbing, Tokyo – Mt. Fuji

Tokyo is an excellent blend of urban chic and nature. You can head out of the city to see the sunrise from atop gorgeous Mount Fuji. It’s an extremely high point and has a breathtaking view from the top. Venture out into the night for a hike (ideally, around midnight), and hike for four to five hours till you are able to view the sunrise! If you time yourself right, you should reach the summit just as the sun rises to view the gorgeous landscape. You should consider this hike if you both are in reasonably fit conditions. If you are not, then you might not be able to reach the summit in time and might have to start earlier in the night.

Road Trip, Himalayas

If you enjoy long drives and scenic beauty with a rugged yet gorgeous terrain, then you should definitely opt for the Himalayan road trip. Hire a sturdy car or SUV and start your road trip from Lhasa (Tibet) to Kathmandu (Nepal). There are several places you can stop by on the way. You can see the summer and winter palaces of the Dalai Lama, visit ancient monasteries, spend time with the monks, and get a breathtaking view of Mt. Everest as you tour the Himalayas. This kind of road trip will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your partner. Drink in the rich cultural heritage of Tibet and Nepal and share stories by campfires as you pass the rural beauty of an ancient civilization.

Scuba Diving, Thailand:

Thailand is a paradise country with pristine beaches and crystal clear water. If you and your partner enjoy water sports together, then this should be your spot! With a seemingly endless coastline, head to Pattaya or Koh Samui to indulge in some thrill seeking water sports. Go water gliding and scuba diving with colorful fish and beautiful sea beds. Once you have your fill of the sea, you can head to Bangkok to enjoy the Thai culture and hospitality of its people. Shop in the markets of Bangkok, view gorgeous Buddhist temples, and also enjoy the bustling nightlife!

Bungee Jumping, New Zealand:

Head to Queenstown in New Zealand to get a dose of thrill! South Island has high energy activities like bungee jumping, parasailing, jet-boating, and white water rafting for adventurous souls. Go parasailing on Lake Wakatipu. You can also jump from an airplane! New Zealand is the absolute go-to destination for thrill seekers. Once you’re done, you can head to Auckland for some of the famous New Zealander hospitality and maybe watch a footie game or two in a local pub. Apart from just the adventure and thrill, you can also book the famous Lord of the Rings walk and click some scenic selfies!

Mountain Biking, Rocky Mountains, Colorado:

Colorado has a lot of history apart from just the adventure sports. Stay in a tepee near a ghost mining town and take a hot soak in sulfur-free hot springs to ease away the hustle and bustle of your pre-wedding and wedding day stress. Once there, you can go horseback riding, dog sledding, mountain biking and much more! Breathe in the high altitude mountainous air and build memories that last a lifetime!

If you want something still different, you could also look up skiing destinations, or safari destinations for those of you interested in a wilder life. Enjoy your honeymoon time with your partner in the most romantic, yet adventurous destinations across the globe. Indulge in some heart pumping thrills and adrenaline rushes. Always remember to choose an adventure that suits both of you. Above all, enjoy your honeymoon and share in the love of your new marriage and life together!