Summer Fashion Staples: Types of Swimwear Every Woman Should Own for Summer

“The sexiest thing about a bikini is that it leaves something to the imagination, which is the best part.” –Anna Sui

The scorching heat, the longer days, the shorter nights and the sound of the ocean beckoning us to take a dip—all these signify one thing: It is definitely summer time! For some women, summer time can only mean one thing and that is bikini season is finally upon us. With so many travel goals, destinations and itineraries for the summer, it would only be inevitable for some of us to sport a bikini or so during the summer season. With this in mind, women begin hoarding swimwear by the loads in the hopes that they would soon complete their style and fashion catalogue for the summer.

If you have a similar sentiment in mind, then you must endeavor to have at least all the swimwear staples a woman should have. After all, if you wish to greet summer with a bang at the beach, you should definitely look the part. In any case, if you are looking forward to any getaways and excursions this coming summer season, these are the types of swimwear you should possess and rock on the beach. With this in mind, stash away your wholesale streetwear styled clothes and make room for monokinis, bikinis, frilly tankinis and the like.

Basic Bikini

No doubt, every woman should possess at least one bikini in her closet. After all, bikini is synonymous to summer and is rudimentary beachwear. With this in mind, your closet should have at least one—regardless of whether it is your style or not. After all, you would never know when the need for it might arise and when you might want to showcase your figure. Sure, if you have been used to wearing one piece suits for quite a while, going all out with a bikini might be a little intimidating. But once you have dipped your toes into wearing two piece suits on the beach, you will find the experience is not only euphoric, but liberating as well.

Neon Swimwear 

It would not matter whether you chose a bikini, one piece suit or a tankini for this one so long as it is all in its neon glory. After all, summer is the best time for going all out with color, so why not wear the brightest and most blindingly vibrant shade there is? Not only would it call attention to your suit, but to the wearer as well. Sure, going bright neon might be a daring and bold move but just think of how those colors would look against your tan.

Black One Piece 

Black is a classic color and it has always been known to be slimming. While you might think that two piece swimsuits are all the rage, you should never discard the novelty and allure of a simple black one piece swimwear. It if you have had way too much to eat at the hotel buffet and are looking for a quick dip in the might not always be your go-to choice for your beach getaways, but they will definitely come in handy pool.

A statement piece 

Bold, daring and unique are collectively the three characteristics your statement piece must have. It does not matter whether it is a one piece, a two piece or a tankini but it should definitely make a bang and should wow you and any onlooker. Think of it as an upgraded basic and as the ideal swimsuit to wear if you are hoping to fill your social media feed with gorgeous and stunning shots of you in the beach.

A reversible one 

What does a reversible suit have that many other suits do not? The fact that it has two cute designs in just one suit! Reversible bikinis are perfect for whenever you wish to make a quick beach getaway sans the heavy luggage. Think of it as a 2 for 1 deal and the best thing about it is that you can wear virtually the same bikini in a row and no one would ever find out!