Top 10 Facts From The Disney Golden Age You May Not Heard

The boost of movie industry started from the end of 1930’s. During this period, the humanity had a chance to observe the creation of some iconic movies that brought their directors to the top and conquered the hearts of the audience.

The Disney Golden Age, which was a significant time for the studio, also occurred during this period and was closely related to the release of the first full-length cartoon – the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

These are our top 10 list. Also, there are also many other quirky facts about Walt Disney and his movies that can come in handy if you are engaged in an essay or annotated bibliography writing, and which are just fun to know!

How many Disney characters are there? What stories lay behind the movies that kids all over the world love? There are many fun facts about each movie, each princess, and other characters created by this studio, and in this article, we will share with you the top interesting facts about Disney!

Fact 1: The Real-Life Snow White.

It is not a secret now that almost all of Walt Disney characters have a real prototype, but not many know that the creation of the first cartoons required a live model that would play the required scenes while the artists make sketches of each scene. For example, a living model of Snow White, the main character of Disney’s first full-length cartoon, was the 14-year-old Marge Champion, chosen from two hundred pretenders.

Fact 2: The Snow White’s Blush.

Back in 1937, there were no technologies that would make it possible to make the blush on the character’s face look natural and barely discernible. In fact, one of the animators decided to use her makeup to make Snow White look more natural.

Fact 3: The Unique And Honorable Award.

For the film “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs,” Walt Disney received an honorable and unusual Oscar award that was designed as one usual Oscar statue and seven miniature Oscars next to it.

Fact 4: The Quiet Character.

Probably, many of you have never thought about this one, but the thing is that the elephant from the cartoon “Dumbo” is the first and only one among all main Disney movie characters that doesn’t speak at all! We all are aware that even animals have voices in the studio’s films, but now you know that there was one that could not speak.

Fact 5: Perfectionism In Smallest Details.

Not many know that “Bambi,” released in 1942, initially had to become the studio’s second film after the “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” and the work on it had started in 1936. However, due to certain perfectionism inherent to Walt Disney, the final version of the project was not ready for a long time and thus, such movies as “Fantasia,” “Pinocchio,” and “Dumbo” came out before it.

Fact 6: The New “Alice in Wonderland.”

This cartoon’s plot is closely tightened with the original book written by Lewis Carroll; however, the studio added a fresh touch to it and added one character that never appeared in the book – the Doorknob.

Fact 7: The Iconic Scene That Could’ve Not Been Included.

How many of you have seen the famous “Lady and the Tramp”? This cartoon still remains one of the favorite creations of this period in the studio’s career, and many of us still enjoy watching it over and over again. And, without a doubt, the most sincere and memorable moment of this movie is the scene where Lady and the Tramp are eating spaghetti, even although Walt Disney at first did not want to include it in the movie.

Fact 8: The Real Life Experience.

Talking about the “Lady and the Tramp” it is impossible to stay quiet about the touching opening scene of this movie when Darling opens her Christmas present – the hat box with a puppy (Lady) inside it. Not many are aware that it is a real situation that happened to Walt Disney. Once, he forgot about a dinner with his wife and, to make amends for his guilt, he prepared a surprise for her – a puppy in the hat box, for which was forgiven!

Fact 9: The Unusual Horn Signal.

The ships of the famous Disney Cruise Line also have a few things to surprise you with, and one of the most unusual ones is that instead of a standard horn signal they have the first notes of the iconic song – “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Fact 10: The Ad-Free Channel.

The Disney TV channel that was launched in 1983 never shows commercials of any other companies except the Disney’s brand, just like their junior channel, created for the educational purposes for school pupils.

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