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Mainly Southern is a blog that focuses on the travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, sports, arts, etc that make up the lovely southeastern United States. Many of the posts on our site take on the angle of “how does this ________ contribute to the experience of living in or traveling through the South?”

Guest posting is a wonderful opportunity to inform our readers of how your brand is setting the trend for a myriad of aspects of southern living and culture. These posts are also a great way to advise readers on tips that can enhance their (culinary, travel, shopping, etc.) experiences.

Own/run a business? Let the readers know what they are missing out on if they have not had the pleasure of getting to know you.

Fellow blogger or writer? You have visited the hidden gems and the most traveled. You have dined at the best. You have nailed a recipe. You know what to do, and you know what not to do. You have a wealth of opinions and knowledge. Tell us your stories!

What makes a great Mainly Southern post? Typically 500-750 words. Original content. Beautiful images, of which you are the copyright owner. A casual yet informative style. If you enjoyed writing it, I am sure we will enjoy reading it. “Top 10” tips are great, as well as editorials that focus on one or two aspects of life in the south. And don’t forget to include a brief bio about yourself at the end!

Send us an email at bbergeron[at]mainlysouthern.com

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